• MazzCDL provides 2 free perks of weekend Advertising Plans
  • The Team will promote the sponsor on their Social Media Platform and posters during the season
  • The Team will create a heartfelt thank you message in video at end of the season
  • The Team will also share your company's hashtags or tags in every posts



  • Website referral showing and linking to your website/logo in our sponsors section
  • Includes the seasonal perks from Advertising Plans and exclusive broadcast
  • An official announcement in Mazizaw's Social Media Platforms introducing your logo and company
  • A repeating thank you message from our Casters during our livestream
  • (OPTIONAL: We will provide prizes and we can include your materials if you wished to share or provide your item with our prizes that we will be shipping and mailing to winners!)

[SAVE 60%]



We are coming back with an even bigger goal! We aim to raise up to 10,000 for the league this year, the funds will go to paying players, manager, coach, $1,000 in cash prize, also includes the rings, trophy, and shirts to winners of the season, hosts, streamers, and staff! This year's league is inspired by the PRO CDL's events in 2020.

We have a complete set of MazzCDL League Package in PDF with pages from 1-9 if wished to download and learn more about the league.