A man deep in thoughts and taking in the scene surrounding him. A vision was born. What if deaf and hard of hearing community had their own SPACE? Where they can go and truly be themselves? Play their hearts out and make memories of lifetime?

The vision stayed in his head long after he arrived home from going to Deaflympics at Turkey. Ever so, it crawled in his head, not letting go. Finally, he pulled his sleeves up and started working on this vision. Mazizaw Entertainment was born. Beaming with pride, he reached out to people to help raise this vision.

Mazizaw Entertainment had given people a space to play their hearts out and truly be themselves. Mazizaw, with support from the deaf and hard of hearing community, has evolved into a convention where people could meet and share passion of gaming. You can see Mazizaw continues to evolve as people join from different parts of the world to help grow.

Mazizaw Entertainment hosted their first deaf gaming convention, MazzCON, in 2019 at Evos Gaming Lounge in Austin, TX. MazzCON 2019 was a huge hit! The place was maxed out at 100 people as the place could not fit any more people. The space or lack of space was the biggest feedback that Mazizaw had received. So Mazizaw decided to level up and host MazzCON 2022 at Esports Stadium Arlington (ESA). Mazizaw believes this will allow not only space but invites more gamers to be a part of this Deaf gaming convention where accessibility is key.

Without your support, this dream would not get a chance to become the reality. Thank you!


MazzCON is the only national Deaf gaming convention designed with Deaf and Hard of hearing community in the mind. Our goal is to provide the optimal gaming experience for everyone!


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Established on December 4, 2017